We receive many lovely testimonials from our clients – and would like to share a few of their thoughts. Their names have been changed to protect their identity and confidentiality:

“Unfortunately suffering from childhood trauma I had been to several therapists over the course of my adult life, but it wasn’t until I met Mike and Chai Counselling that the change actually occurred. With Mike’s calming influence, brilliant insight and trustful nature together we were able to break through barrier after barrier. Through the course of the sessions Mike gently guides you, nudging you back to find the inner answers you were looking for. Never overbearing or insistent he allows you the freedom to delve into very difficult internal circumstances in a safe and secure environment. I can say Mike has helped to change my life, the inner work always continues but with Mike’s incredible help I can move forward more healed and happy. I would highly recommend Mike and Chai Counselling as an organisation as their slogan is correct in saying they are “”Life Changing”. (Peter – 28).

“My experience at Chai Counselling will never be far from my day to day thoughts, I cannot express my gratitude in words for the life changing support I received from Sunny. The number of referrals I have made is a testament to the level of unconditional and non-judgemental support I have received from Sunny, a skill which is unmatched in my past life experience of other therapists. Sunny is an extremely skilled and compassionate professional who has helped me to acknowledge and evolve stagnant behaviours and thoughts which have long been engrained. I believe my experience with Chai Counselling has been a profoundly important one that I shall carry with me for the rest of time within my relationships with others and myself. I have learned so much from Sunny vast knowledge and exceptional ability as a counsellor and urge anyone no matter their predicament or mental state to try therapy with Mike and Sunny as they are a shining example of good within such an over saturated field of counselling and psychotherapy.”(Nicola – 27).

“Sunny helped me for several months with my anxiety, helping me untangle the many reasons behind it and being an incredible supporter on my journey as I learned to cope with my feelings, understand them and begin to believe in myself and my own intuition again. I feel much more confident when faced with challenges and know that in times of stress I can always return for a little pick me up! I couldn’t be more grateful to Sunny as I truly felt like I was being listened to! “(Libby – 23).

“I attended Chai Counselling and was warmly welcomed and was very quickly made to feel safe. The time, compassion, kindness and gentle challenges left me with a deeper understanding of my feelings, thoughts and identity. I attended Chai Counselling for emotional trauma compounded by the impact of Covid-19 but to my amazement, I now find myself appreciative of my feelings and other’s feelings and valuing myself in a way I had largely disconnected from. Thank you Chai Counselling. Lots of love” (Eve – 35).

” Dear Mike, thank you so much for all the support with my health, I really appreciate it. I feel so much freer and light, and able to cope with anxiety” (John – 20).

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